Mathhead200 - Programs

All the programs on this page were written by myself, and are free to download and use. Furthermore, the source code can be viewed via a link on this page (for those of you who are interested.) These programs are written in Java and can be run though the Java Runtime Environment. Most modern computers have JRE installed on them; however if you find you are having trouble running these programs you can download the latest version of JRE from

Most of these programs were written by me, myself, and I so don't expect them to be Halo 4 or anything like that. However, if anyone has any ideas please contact me and let me know what you think I should add or change. I'm always looking for new projects. And if by chance any of you are programmers feel free to collaborate.

Download JCalculator

JCalculator is a fairly simple calculator program written in Java.

Download jSkittles

jSkittles is a game where two ...things (mutant pacmen if you will) both unoriginaly named "Jay" run around the board eating pieces of candy (that somewhat resemble Skittles.) The catch however, is that every time they eat a "skittles" they change to its color, and if they eat another of the same color that they are, they tragically die.
To control the two Jay's use the key board. The keys [W], [A], [S], and [D] control Lefty (the Jay on the left), and the arrow keys [UP], [LEFT], [DOWN], and, [RIGHT] control Righty.

Download jWalk

In jWalk you play the role of a worm trying to eat all the apples in sight. The catch is that as you eat through the apples you leave behind cores, and you can't through the cores. jWalk also has a level creator where you can make your own custom levels. Use the arrow keys to move your worm, and use the space bar or enter/return in the level creator to change an apple to a core and vice versa.